This effect is one of the most powerful that I still perform. A truly exceptional prediction! The magician is able to predict a LONG TIME BEFORE THE ROUTINE STARTS how many cards the spectator has in his pocket!

This is what happen:
The magician places 3 predictions on the table LONG TIME BEFORE the routine begins. The predictions are always in view.

The spectator shuffle the deck of cards and freely cuts the deck, he remembers the card he cut to and puts a portion of the deck in his pocket. The magician cannot absolutely know how many cards the spectator has put in his pocket. Despite these impossible conditions, the magician turns the three cards on the table and THE TOTAL OF THE THREE PREDICTIONS REVEALS HOW MANY CARDS THE SPECTATOR HAS IN HIS POCKET. Everything looks incredible because the predictions were on the table long before the spectator freely cut the deck. Not only this! The magician is able to reveal which card the spectator is thinking and … it doesn’t stop there! The three predictions also reveal HOW MANY CARDS OF EACH SUIT the spectator has in his pocket
A CLIMAX of twists!
Easy to do.
No Palm!
No Force!

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