Tarbell Lesson by Dan Harlan Vol 12

For some performers, Mentalism with cards is a touchy subject. Some won’t use cards at all fearing that their audience will equate them with magic tricks.

Others say you’re simply using a deck of cards (something everyone is familiar with) to perform your mental tests and that people will understand that.

Dan believes, as always, it comes down to presentation. Some of the items you’re about to learn are purely mental, simply magical, or a bit of both.

First, Dan uses a special set of “future goggles” that allow me to see a couple of choices before they are made.

Then, Dan teaches you quite possibly the most famous two-deck routine, “You Do As I Do,” featuring a synchronicity between you and your spectator.

Next, you learn to use your skill at isolating the thoughts of three people as you discover which card each has chosen from their random poker hands.

Then, Dan takes a more interesting approach to a mathematical trick by discovering a card using someone’s personal information.

And you’ll experience just how blurry the line between magic and mentalism becomes by simply placing a card in your pocket.

Then, Dan displays a family history of predictive powers by linking his birthday celebration to his spectator’s personal information.

Next, you learn a way to enlist the aid of your deck’s least understood resident as you put the thoughtful joker through his paces.

Then, to show off your truly remarkable sensitivity, you reach in and pluck out multiple signed cards which have been thoroughly mixed in a hat.

And finally, Dan gives you a nice variation of the previous hat plucking trick that allows you to spell out any message you desire.

So remember, when it comes to Mental Card Mysteries, only you can decide if they are the right choice for you and your audiences.

Tricks Included:
– Al Baker’s “Twin Soul” Card Prediction
– You Do As I Do
– A Baffling Discovery
– Thought Location
– The Mystic Card Clock Dial
– The Thoughtful Joker
– A “Sense of Touch” Discovery
– Henry Hardin’s Cards in Hat Discovery
– Card in the Pocket

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