Tarbell 87: Novelty Magic Part 1 (only Premium)

Borrowed Ring in Box:
A borrowed ring vanishes from your bare hands and re-appears in an isolated ring box on view the whole time.

TV Surprise:
A versatile method to produce a series of objects from a handkerchief that you can customize to your needs on a moment’s notice.

Ed Mishell’s Ribbon-Cut:
A direct cut-and-restored ribbon with a clean, bare-handed display.

The Electro-Static Cigarette:
A fun, and puzzling, stunt with a borrowed cigarette.

Glenn Gravatt’s Word Matching:
An audience-participation word-matching routine, now reframed and redesigned to appeal to modern sensabilities.

Glenn Gravatt’s Color Ring Penetration:
Four different-color, secret prize bags hang on a solid stick held by your helper. The chosen color penetrates off and everything can be examined.

Ungimmicked Balloon Penetration:
Two pencils penetrate a standard 260 balloon trapped in a tube without any damage.

Dave Lederman’s Thimbles & Pea:
A wonderfully charming way to present the shell game with thimbles, segueing into the world’s smallest
cups and balls routine complete with large, final loads.

The Diminishing Golf Ball:
A golf ball visibly shrinks in size until it ultimately disappears.

Tarbell 87: Novelty Magic Part 1 (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Please upload:

    Unshuffled Kicker by Paul Gertner
    SCAANDAL by Adrian Vega

    I’ll definitely appreciate it
    This is the BEST website I have ever come across

    • Those tricks are useless without the gimmick.

      • For Scaandal you can make it urself if you hv the spray and for the unshuffle they will teach you how to make the gimmick deck. I’m not getting it for the kicker ending but to make the gimmick deck. the original unshuffle tutorial doesnt teach you how to make your own unshuffle deck

  2. Please do Paper cuts by armando lucero and sansmind ! Please Please.

  3. Amy chance of Project Alpha Mail by Matthew Wright and Harry Robson ?

  4. Any chance of B’Wave DELUXE by Max Maven?? Someone wanna trade it?

  5. No Update anymore?? or in a break??

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