Take Note by Seamus Maguire presented by Atlas Brookings (Re Upload nitroflare)

Let’s just say, Atlas Brookings knows a few ways to read minds. So when he gets crazy about a new way, you know it’s good.

So in the spirit of mentalism, here’s my prediction: “Take Note” is going to be your new favorite way to reveal thoughts.

Watch the demo and you’ll see what I mean. So innocent. So powerful. Just some paper and a pen. As usual, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Take Note by Seamus Maguire presented by Atlas Brookings
Download :  Uploaded | Rapidgator | Openload |

Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. this file has been removed for inactivity from nitroflare, could you upload it again? thanks.

  2. thanks for re uploading the file!!!!!

    • Can we get this uploaded to nitroflare premium please? This trick has great ratings. I suggest repost to premium. Please and thanks.

  3. i want free magic dvd's only cause i'm poor as fuck

    when did they re upload?The links are still broken

  4. Can you please re-upload this? The links are still broken indeed. Please!!!

  5. A great many thanks to ADMIN22 for the reup and listening to premium followers. Much love brother:)

  6. Pls upload a piece of my mind by Michael Murray and dmb spread control by Franco pascali

  7. How to download links,,, please suggest or tell me,,, help me for downloading links

  8. Please! reupload on Uploaded or Rapidgator

  9. Originally this wasn’t for premium! Please, reupload on Uploaded or Rapidgator!

  10. Have you considered that maybe people found out this page later? We might want to check out a few things before getting premium

  11. Alessandro Criscione

    Please reupload this

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