Takamiz Usui LIVE ACT

“What an incredible lecture! Whether you are a Magic Cube expert or a beginner you will learn some Amazing techniques and routines. Takamiz is without a doubt the Top creator of Cube Magic in the world!” -Marc DeSouza

“Takamiz is the Master Cube Magician, He has inspired Thousands and continues to create amazing Cube Magic.” -Nicholas Lawrence

“Takamiz is the master of rubix cube magic. I’m constantly blown away with what that man can do with a rubix cube.” -Kieron johnson

“Takamiz Usui is one of the biggest treasure in cube magic.” -Henry Harrius

“A true legend in the world of cube magic, that’s continuing to push the art forwards.” -Kev.G

What will he teach?

Close up/ Parlor: Rubik’s Cube and Card Act

– Rubik’s cube section –

2 Cube Repeat
W Coincidence
Sympathetic Cube
Any color effect (no gimmicks)
1-1-6 Solve
Nest Cube

– Card section –

Hyper Memory Demonstration
Up face & Down Face Prediction
Pair card
3 envelopes prediction
The other half Takamiz.ver (Plots from Woody Aragon)

– Tips –

How to know target algorithms.

Who is he?

In 2013, Takamiz Usui published the groundbreaking DVD, ‘The Cube’, where the one handed solving technique (Takamiz Move) was shown for the first time in the history of Rubik’s Cube magic, along with a number of effects applying this move. Takamiz has contributed greatly to the current trend of using the Rubik’s cubes within the magic community as many new releases are based on the (Takamiz Move) technique. Takamiz continued to push Rubik’s cube magic forward by publishing the DVD, “The Cube Plus”, in which ‘any chosen color effects’ were described. He had a standing ovation at the 4F Convention in 2016 and 2017, whose world class performers are “invitation only”.

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