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50 Famous by Pablo Amira

50 Famous by Pablo Amira

A stack of photos and amazing possibilities with “50 Famous”

Read minds and much more with this!
A stack with the most important persons in history. Your participant chooses one, you can know quickly and easily the one selected.

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Free Wallet by Pablo Amira (PDF)

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From the brilliant mind of the prolific Pablo Amira comes another beautiful methodology for apparently reading the minds of just about ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and ANY TIME. “Free Wallet” is such an innocent utility item, that elegantly allows you to accomplish very stealthy predictions in a

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At The Table Live Lecture Pablo Amira December 4th 2019

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All the way from Chile, Pablo Amira brings his powerful mentalism At The Table. Not only is he a mentalist, but he’s also a psychologist, a creative consultant, and an author of several books and best-selling effects. He’s been passionately creating and performing for well over a decade, and hosts psychology workshops where he uses mentalism to help communicate his message. In this lecture, Pablo offers highly practical close-up mentalism routines that help illustrate the real secrets behind powerful performances. Applying these secrets will help you achieve more effective and compelling mystery routines for your audiences. You’ll learn routines with business cards, Rubik’s Cubes, phones, keys, playing cards, dice and even one you can do completely prop-less. Join us as we welcome Pablo AmiraAT The Table!

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Mental Rubik by Pablo Amira (PDF)

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The Rubik’s Cube is known in the world as a game for genius minds, a puzzle for those who really invest time and effort.

Now with “MentalRubik”, you can create fantastic Mentalism for close up, parlor or stage with an ungimmicked cube!5 professional routines and one reading system that you can add to your repertoire.

Yes, it is cool to “solve it” in a quick and magical manner, but there is a LOT more that you can do, and I will show you!

Table of Contents

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B’Cards by Pablo Amira

“Pablo has put together an assortment of various routines, presentations and subtleties using nothing more than a stack of business cards. Many of the routines are completely impromptu. There are ideas that you can easily always have on hand or can create on the spot with just a pen and your

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Polarity by Pablo Amira

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Injecting a thought into someone’s subconscious is a feat to remember, but let’s take this card trick a bit further. Ask your spectator where a specific card is in the deck. Naturally, they won’t know because they have just thoroughly shuffled it. You announce that subconsciously they already know where their card is. Have them deal the cards onto the table until they ‘feel’ like they have reached their selected card, they then place that card face down on the pile.

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