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The Story Deck by Luke Jermay

The Story Deck by Luke Jermay (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

The story deck is a classic demonstration in card magic. It has stood the test of time. From the famous Sam The Bellhop (brought to life by Bill Malone’s rendition) to story decks from memorized stacks, the plot has become a classic, yet underused idea in magic.

Unlike other story decks though, Luke Jermay doesn’t just provide a story. Here he provides new concepts. He provides all the insight into presenting the story deck to a modern audience.

Including fresh new presentational points, a presentation especially designed for mentalists and a new approach to shuffling the deck during the story being told. This is a new way to tell a story

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Hit By Luke Jermay

With “Hit,” you’re able to perform an unforgettable, painstakingly clear demonstration of persuasion–and mind control. From a shuffled pack you remove just four cards and offer to play a few rounds of Blackjack with a participant. Despite letting her choose her cards every time, you, the performer, always prevail. Even when cards are exchanged and shown to the spectator, you are always left with the winning hand.

In the first phase, two hands of Blackjack are created by kept face down. The spectator chooses which hands they wants… and you win. In the second phase, a card of each Blackjack hand is shown

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The Jermay ‘Live’ Masterclass Lecture By Luke Jermay

The Jermay 'Live' Masterclass Lecture By Luke Jermay - $5.99 :  magicianpalace.com

The Jermay ‘Live’ Masterclass Lecture is an exclusive product.  It is not available anywhere else! 

This, the very first video download we have offered, is a beast at 2 hours and 44 minutes of indepth teaching!  It offers an amazing value to any mentalist, mystery entertainer or magician.  Presented in the style of an intimate masterclass, featuring the concise, insightful, in-depth instruction that you have come to expect from Jermay.

Part One of the live masterclass is dedicated to in-depth teaching on Jermay’s approach to ‘preshow’ work in which he details his full method, including his own word for word scripts and shares some things he has never tipped before!  Using video footage from real world live performances in theatres to illustrate his techniques the ‘Jermay Approach’ is made crystal clear! Jermay refers

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Luke Jermay – Masterclass Live (Week 1-2-3+PDF)

Luke Jermay: Masterclass Live - Luke Jermay - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Widely considered one of the leading minds in mentalism, Luke Jermay is a creative force. He has consulted for some of the biggest names in magic, and has appeared on the biggest stages all over the world with his mindreading show. Luke is also considered one of the finest teachers in our industry, with a knowledge base that is as wide as it is deep. Luke will cover a host of mentalism routines that can be done informally, or for small groups. His published body of work has focused particularly on large-scale mentalism designed for theaters. Here, he takes us on a deep-dive of material and thinking that can be applied to smaller performances, and even for friends and family.

In this three-week course, you’ll receive three one-hour lectures and three 30-minute moderated Q&A sessions from Luke Jermay on the first three Sundays in August 2020 at 4pm NYC time.

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Luke Jermay – Gambler’s Exercise

Gambler's Exercise - Luke Jermay - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This download is exciting to us because it shows m—entalist Luke Jermay in an entirely new way: as a card expert. Luke is widely considered one of the finest thinkers in mentalism. Few realize what an accomplished card technician Luke is, and that is on full display in “Gambler’s Exercise”. He has the definitive work on one of the most beautiful card plots in magic, Alex Elmsley’s “Diamond Cut Diamond.” What Jermay has added to this trick will fool you, and you will be delighted by the method. Jermay proves that he is not only one of the most forward-thinking mentalists in the industry, but that he also has a devious mind for powerful card magic.

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10 Card Poker Deal by Luke Jermay

Poker is hot.

And you’re about to set it on fire.

Imagine being able to deal out a hand of 10 Card poker that wins every time… EVEN WHEN YOU LET YOUR SPECTATORS PICK THE CARDS!

Jermay’s Ten Card Poker Deal is the perfect routine to demonstrate your insane poker skills to your friends and neighbors.

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Luke Jermay – Syncronicity

This routine was a hit in Luke’s live lectures and has been a favorite among a small circle of friends for many years. Since he first introduced this effect, Luke has made numerous additions and added touches that lift this routine to a new level.

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