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Isolated by Kieron Johnson (only Premium)

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Object to impossible bottle is THE most talked about trick in magic. It sends audiences spinning.

Dynamo did it with a phone, Jamie Grant became a staple of Ripley’s Believe it or not by putting a deck inside a bottle. Now Kieron Johnson is changing the industry by putting a signed rubiks cube in bottle.

We’ll repeat that again. A spectator’s SIGNED rubiks cube to impossible bottle.

Even with the power of 10,000 suns, it cannot be taken out. Let them shake, rattle or spin it to their heart’s content. It’s trapped for good.

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Tornado Twist by Kieron Johnson

I’ve never seen anything like this trick. But when you watch the video, you may think it has to do with sleeves. It doesn’t. He does it with short sleeves later on, plus there’s a full performance
Inside someone’s CLOSED FIST, you cause metal to bend and REALLY

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Element by Kieron Johnson

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Element is the now world famous effect that allows you to control fire and ice – the highly visual and unexplainable effect from the genius mind of Kieron Johnson that allows you to produce a block of ice from anywhere!

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