Sudden Deck 3.0 by David Regal

I use this wonderful opening for any card set, in every show I do. From crowds sized 1 to 1,000 people, it adds surprise fun and magic to the simple act of bringing out a deck of cards- Jon Armstrong

David Regals Sudden Deck 3 instantly added two more devastating and eye-popping moments to my invisible deck routine! It’s easy, amazing and highly visual. – Scott Alexander

Unavailable for years, Sudden Deck is back and better than ever!!

The perfect way to start ANY card trick and instantly establish credibility.

This 3.0 version combines everything pros love about Sudden Deck and takes it even further.

Sudden Deck 3 is the ultimate opener for any card set. Used by professionals all over the world. Sudden Deck 3 has no equal.

Sudden Deck 3 is completely self-contained. You can show the box front and back after the printing process.

Here’s what happens
You show a blank un-assembled card box you got straight from the factory. You explain that this is what the box looks like before it is printed. In a snap, the front of the box is completely printed. Next, you show the box on both sides and proceed to assemble the previously flat box and print the labels on every side of the box. Next, you produce a full deck from the now assembled box and you are ready to start your show.

Use Sudden Deck 3 to produce a deck of cards to start your show. Use Sudden Deck 3 to produce a gimmicked deck, honestly the possibilities are endless.

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