StarSystem by Benoit Campana & Mathieu Bich

StarSystem is a revolutionary method to memorize a stack of 52 cards in a very short time. You can use any stack you want, Tamariz’s, Aaronson’s or even your own !

The memory work you will have to do is usually less than an hour. If you follow our step by step method you will be able to memorize a stack of 52 cards with almost no memorization and in a very short amount of time.

StarSystem uses a unique approach inspired by world championships memory techniques. Whats makes StarSystem unique is the small memory work needed and the fact that you will know the

position of each card in your stack as well as which card is after any other one…

If you already know one stack of 52 cards, StarSystem will help you to easily learn more than one stack.

You will also learn 3 very cool tricks including a very straightforward Any Card at Any Number, and a smart principle to secretly communicate the selected card to any contact in your phone without talking or even touching your phone.

– Memorize any 52 cards stack in less than an hour (with only 20 min of memory work)
– 1h55 of video + Super detailed 80 pages PDF (in English & in French)
– Memorize the cards and their position in multiple stacks with no extra work
– No drawing of any kind, no need of any deck of cards
– No revising even after weeks without practicing…

Comes with: Online videos (1h55) + Detailed PDF in English and in French (79 pages)

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