Speed Bands by Tom Wright

“I could not believe how fast Tom was able to tie a fully adjustable band. Following his Magic Circle lecture people could not stop raving about it.” – Wayne Fox

“I have seen every technique to tie I.E.T. Bands and this is by far the best.” – Matthew Underhill

SpeedBands is presented by one of the world’s leading experts on invisible thread effects – Tom Wright.

Tom reveals his own technique to create I.E.T. Bands with no additional gimmicks or large, difficult to carry, specialised equipment. The Bands are fully adjustable with Tom’s technique meaning

that you can effortlessly create smaller wristbands or larger body bands.

In fact with this technique you can create any size band for any effect! All you need is the custom made reel, invisible elastic thread and the putty supplied to create bands in less than ten seconds!

As a bonus to the SpeedBands technique, Tom reveals his incredible version of the Rising Cards – Dead Rising.

The deck is isolated in a wine glass, the spectator’s card rises and then flies through the air back to your hand! Everything is immediately examinable! SpeedBands will save you so much money and even more time. Easy to master and for the first time ever I.E.T. magic is worry free!

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  1. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!

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