Space Shifter by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds (only Premium)

Space Shifter is a piece of extremely visual eye candy. The visual is so strong, even perform with no presentation, spectators freak out every single time!

Imagine getting your spectator to select a card and sign it. A corner of the card is torn off for the spectator to keep in one hand. Your spectator holds onto the card in the other hand. With a snap of the finger, the ‘space’ of the missing corner visually jumps to the center of the signed card. The corner your spectator is holding, also changes to fit into the ‘space’.

A strong card effect that talks to your audience across language barriers. Perfect for close up, strolling, or loud environments where you need to capture audience attention in the matter of seconds.

Look no further, this is Space Shifter.

Space Shifter by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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