Something by Jack Galloway

Jack Galloway – Something

Better than Nothing!

No advertising hype!

The value of the information is not hidden!

I do not pontificate on performance do’s and don’ts that I do not personally use!

You will always have SOMETHING with you and be ready to perform in any situation.

Realistic demonstrations of interactive paranormal experiences!

DVD Contents:

Hard Copy Thought Broadcast: Psychological number and word force application.  A five to fifteen minute presentation. Your audiences will think the thoughts of others. Used on the radio by Dave Koenig aka Slim King.

A Contribution From One of the Dead Boys: A rediscovered psychological word force and three ways to utilize it in performance.

The Envelope: My own utility envelope gaff for predictions. Can be combined with the Outlaw Wallet (also can be used with an un-gaffed wallet). The envelope is really sealed and the spectator opens it. They can even keep it!

The Box or Bag Deceit: I used this for two months in my stage show in Charleston, SC. I fooled both magicians and the public when I applied this to my slate presentation with un-gaffed slates. You will be taught how to utilize it with a number prediction and a card prediction.

Reality Rewrite Predication Strategy: They will remember holding it the entire time!

The Interactive Prediction Strategy: They were in control until the end and they could have chosen something else.

The Yellow Pages Window to the World: An isolation technique for predictions.

Feedback Loop and The Bold Calculator Swindle: Brazen and extremely fair at the same time.  This effect is used to illustrate the Interactive Prediction Strategy. The prediction is held by a spectator and the total can be changed right up until the end just before it is shown. Also suggestions for not using the calculator swindle to accomplish the same effect.

The Effectiveness of Controlled Chaos in a Presentation: How to make it “more real” and hide bad behavior.

Just to make a few things clear, Jack do not use nail writers, thumb writers, band writers, boons or pocket writing. Nor do he uses billets. If that is what you are looking for please do not purchase this work.

If you are a magician you are not encouraged to purchase this product.

These are concepts and parts of presentations that he uses.

They are things he using when his natural abilities fail him.

The real way is not 100% but this stuff is.

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