Silvia Stjarna – The Candle and The Circle

propless mind reading system that you can use anywhere, anytime.


People know that mind reading doesn’t just suddenly happen, so in order for it to become possible, something needs to occur, a switch must be flipped within your spectator’s mind. The Candle and The Circle not only beautifully opens up the space for mind reading, but also allows you to produce a full reading out of thin air, with no memorised scripts or stock lines.

In this 23 page PDF, you will learn Silvia’s method for giving spontaneous, impromptu mind readings, which was developed with the help of Lewis Le Val.

If you were to drop everything else in your mentalism repertoire and only use this, you could still be seen as the ‘real deal’.


In this PDF, the foreword from Lewis Le Val details his thoughts on Silvia’s approach and philosophy, followed by an interesting introduction from Silvia, as well as her thought provoking explanation of the mind reading system.


  1. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!

  2. Abhirup Chakraborty

    Will you please upload Compass by Rich Relish before you shift to the Process that shall not be talked about’?

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