Silvia Stjärna – Old Things Have Strange Hungers pt.1

In ‘Old Things, Part 1’ you will learn Silvia’s beautiful presentation for the Haunted Key. No ghosts or spirits, instead we hear the story of a forgotten wooden box once owned by a mysterious fortune teller. It’s said that those who looked inside the box would gain a glimpse into their own future.

What the box contained would be unique to each and every person who dared to look, and in this fascinating presentation, a single spectator gets the opportunity to look for themselves.

No box necessary! All you need to perform this effect is a Haunted Key and a handwritten note. This is motivational mentalism at its finest!

As a bonus, Silvia’s intro script for ‘spectator As Mind Reader’ is also included, allowing you to instantly increase the strength of your existing SAMR routines!

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