Silvia Stjärna – Insight

Silvia continues to amaze us with her approach to being the real deal, and ‘Insight’ is no exception.


In this 17 page PDF, Silvia shares some beautiful uses for the pendulum, specifically aimed at those who do any form of readings.

‘What’s Meant For Me’ will show you an incredibly useful technique to discover the most important areas of your spectator’s life, even if they themselves don’t consciously realise it! This not only gives your readings a mystical opening, but also provides you with an immediate direction to take your reading in, meaning that every word of the reading itself will be of value to your

spectator. In this section you will also find a short but cheeky line that will cause your spectator to automatically tell you everything you need to know, to provide them with the most personalised reading imaginable.

‘Sixty Second Healing’ provides you with a short yet powerful ritual to dispel any negativity from an area of your spectator’s life, with demonstrable ‘proof’ of the ritual’s power.


Within these pages you will also find her advice on dealing with difficult spectators, getting greater results out of the pendulum itself and also an impressive explanation on the nature of pendulums.

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