Sign by Lewis Le Val

Sign by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

SIGN allows you to secretly discover your spectator’s star sign, leaving you to reveal it in any way you wish!

As you casually talk about star signs, you show your spectator a few images on your phone relating to the Zodiac. Moments later, you know EXACTLY what their sign is, even though they NEVER say their sign (or any signs) out loud.

SIGN is fast, conversational and there is nothing to hide. You can perform this without any memorisation, and you do not need internet access or any special apps. Just store this small number of

images on your phone and you are always ready to go. They are also COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE, meaning you can hand your phone to your spectator, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing for them to find.

No suspicious or sensitive information is asked of your spectator, and even though you do most of the talking, they will give you all the information you need without even realising it, meaning this works every time! You can even use SIGN to discover the star signs of numerous spectators.

Already have a method for discovering star signs? You still need SIGN! How many times have you revealed a star sign, only to be immediately asked by someone else if you can guess theirs too? SIGN is a perfect followup for this situation.

One of the best things about SIGN is that the reason for revealing your spectator’s star sign is built in to the effect, and it is not just a random piece of information that is revealed.

SIGN uses an old but effective mentalism concept which has been adapted to suit a modern audience and performance. The images look like simple and elegant screenshots from a website about star signs.

Your .zip file download contains a PDF with full instructions and the JPG images required to perform the effect.

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