The Sickness Trilogy – By Sean Fields

Get ready to see Sean’s now classic effects Saw and Sick in a brand new way! That’s right, both of these shock magic effects are together in one place with additional handlings that truly take these effects to the next level. We saved the best for last though because you’re also going to learn Excise, a BRAND NEW graphic illusion that you can only find right here on the Sickness Trilogy! Saw – Sean’s legendary signature effect as performed by Criss Angel on MINDFREAK. A ring is swallowed. What happens next is unspeakable.

The performer slowly saws into his neck with a string! The audience actually sees the string buried deep in the performers’ throat. When the string is then ripped out from the magicians’ neck, the audience can see the flesh tear! When the string emerges, the ring is threaded on yet the performer is unharmed.

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