Si Stebbins Pro by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

Si Stebbins Pro by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka :

The Si Stebbins Pro Stack is highly interesting for any card stack enthusiast. Dr. Solka has taken the venerable Si Stebbins Stack and removed an inherent weakness, the rigid alternation of suit colors and strict suit rotation. The way he has done this is ingenious and will fly by everybody – magicians included. The single rule to remember is so simple that anybody can do it effortlessly. The seemingly random sequence of colors and suits is such that the deck can be spread face up without risk of detection from lay people as well as magicians.

The Card to Position relationship is explained in a very clear and concise fashion by using simple arithmetic concepts and mnemonics aids. It is straight forward to switch from regular Si Stebbins

to Pro Stack. Most Si Stebbins tricks will work unchanged with this new stack.

This is an innovative improvement of the Si Stebbins Stack and well worth studying.

“The thinking of Dr. Solka is excellent, and the Si Stebbins Pro solution is quite elegant. I really like the distribution of the suits throughout the deck. At first, I thought that there would have to be some complicated memorization of conditional rules for calculating what the suits would be. However, the Blackjack rule is so easy to remember that I will never use the classic Si Stebbins setup again. This is premium stuff!” – Nick Pudar”I have your German edition, excellent work, must have for all who like to work with stacked decks.” – Jan Forster

1st edition 2008; 44 pages.
word count: 9194 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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