Seer Pro by Mark Calabrese (only Premium)

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If you’re one of the few people that didn’t pick up the Ellusionist smash-hit SEER when it was first released, read on.

Now, almost 5 years later, you have the chance to own an even bigger and better project and go all the way to PRO.

If you’ve never seen the original SEER trailer. Watch it below, you’re going to want this.

When Mark Calabrese first released his smash-hit Seer almost 5 years ago, he lied to us.

He said that was everything he could do with that gimmick (and it was a lot), but we discovered he was secretly working on 6 more powerful applications for SEER.

Techniques used ESPECIALLY to fool magicians who have bought the original SEER.

He’s playing chess, whilst we’re all playing checkers… and we don’t stand a chance.

SEER was originally a tool that helped you transcend sleight-of-hand and perform utterly impossible card magic. Now it’s an anomoly of magic that’s so clean, you’re fooled even though you know the secret.

WITH SEER PRO, you’ll learn to:

• Divine a thought-of-card from a blank deck with your back turned. Sounds crazy? It is.
• Find any 4 of a kind that they’re thinking of. No peek. No force. Be blindfolded.
• Master the underground ‘THIRD deal’, the easy way.
• Summon the power of the ‘KOPYKAT’ and perform an ultra-clean ‘do as I do’ routine. You can even use THEIR deck.
• Learn the new way to use SEER while having your hands & deck inspected (insiders will know how powerful this is)

But this only scratches the surface. You are limited only by your imagination!

• 6 Effects Taught
• Bonus Ideas
• Approx 1 hour of detailed instruction.

Mark takes your hand and walks you slowly through 6 of his favorite effects in stunning detail. Once learned, you will be inspired to come up with your own applications and effects too!

Seer Pro is ridiculously easy to learn, regardless of skill level, and the best part… if you own the original SEER and the gimmick, you can just get this download and start learning right away.

If magic were a video game, Seer Pro would be the 1-off unlockable weapon that destroys all.

Battle-tested by thousands of buyers and tens of thousands of fooled laymen.

Get your ‘Seer Pro’ NOW.

Seer Pro by Mark Calabrese (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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