• Access to the Internet.
  • A willingness to take action at your own pace.
  • An unrivalled passion to become a full-time magician.


  • Magicians who dream of a career in magic.
  • Hobbyists ready to quit their job to do magic full-time.
  • Professionals looking to get more shows while raising their fee.

Scott Tokar is one of the elite income-producing magicians in the world today, consistently earning far over $???,000 a year (We can’t give you his actual figures for obvious reasons, and even if we could, you’d never believe us). He accomplished this by discovering what to do and more importantly, what not to do.

From the humble beginnings of a simple kids show performer, he climbed his way to the top through much trial and error and now works for clients like Microsoft, Cisco, Phillips, Pirelli, Levi’s, American Express & countless others.

With ‘How To Make 6 Figures In Magic’ you’ll learn, in great detail, the secrets behind 17 of the industry’s top paid performers. Many of which you may never have heard of, but all of which are killing it when it comes to being elite, highly-paid magicians.

This is the ultimate guide to starting, building and maintaining your career in magic.

Do you know the 3 things clients value most when they’re hiring entertainment?

Do you know how to generate shows during the off season? 365 days a year.

Do you know guaranteed methods to get a crowd at any event/trade show?

Do you know how to raise your fee from $500 to $5,000 and have nobody blink an eye?

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to gain complete confidence on the phone with clients.
  • How a hotel hospitality magazine can help you land more shows easily.
  • How to use simple psychology to generate the busiest booth at a trade show.
  • How Scott’s motto ‘take out the elephants’ can get you paid even when customers can’t afford your show.
  • How to make big money working less.
  • Learn Scott’s “OOSOOM” method for locking in clients over the phone.
  • Increase your business by 25% with one simple step (you should be doing this already)
  • How Scott generates trade show customers from thin air.
  • Learn the system that runs Scott’s business… and can run yours too.
  • Learn the 3 main areas of competition at your next event… and how to beat them.

The Full Course – LESSON LIST

How to Make 6 Figures in Magic Part 1
How to Make 6 Figures in Magic Part 2
How to Make 6 Figures in Magic Part 3
Hollywood Lecture

Six Figures- PART 1 introduces Scott Tokar as one of the leading experts in professional magic. Tokar will lay down the secrets to:

• 100k +
• National median income
• Perspective
• Your Goal
• Determining your pay
• Going pro
• Making six figures
• Art vs Business
• Quitting your job
• Striving for excellence
• Ethics
• Finding a mentor
• Learning your craft
• Contact management software
• Leads and sales
• Phone contact sheet
• Contract and agreements
• Contract riders
• Work life Balance

Part one is jammed packed with tons of tips and tricks to help you right out of the gate. Don’t wait any longer, take your first step now!

Six Figures- Part 2 takes you through growing your brand and all things money.  Get professional insight on:

• Invoices
• Money
• Your Brand
• Taxes and Licences
• Search engine optimization
• Your website
• Email & Social media
• Agents
• Selling to agents
• Selling direct
• Repeat bookings
• How much should you charge
• What do your competitors charge
• What is your 100k potential
• Chuck E. Cheese
• Dave and Busters

This section will help you analyze your brand and product to see if its 100k ready. Don’t miss out on any of these secrets, dive in to part 2 now!

Six Figures- Part 3 is about looking at the people, places and quality of your product. You learn tips on:

• Selling quality
• Every magic package
• Cross advertising opportunities
• Co-op marketing
• Supply and demand
• Giving yourself a raise
• What is your market
• Becoming an expert at one thing
• Creating an act for a venue
• Restaurants
• Bar magic
• Birthday party magic
• Private party magic
• Street preforming
• Trade shows
• Sales meetings
• Keynote speaking
• Cruise ships
• Nightclubs and comedy clubs
• YouTube
• Fairs and festivals
• Gospel magic and schools
• Libraries and scouts

Part three goes over a ton of different venues and how to make sure each one gets a quality performance. This section is a must watch, download it now!

We’ve broken down Scott Tokar’s Hollywood lecture into four affordable sections. Giving you the opportunity to try before you buy, as you take your career to the next level.

Six Figures- Part 4 is a crash course in marketing 101, a crucial part in building your brand. You will learn:

• General practitioner
• Creating your own market
• Marketing 101
• Your storefront
• Your logo
• The corporate look
• Your URL
• Business cards
• Web pages
• Conversions
• Search engines
• In person promotion
• Your email voice
• Email marketing
• Snail mail marketing
• Outboard phone marketing
• Exposure
• YouTube Marketing
• Social media marketing
• Secondary web presence
• Encouragement
• Blogging
• Yellow pages
• Traditional advertising
• News and announcements
• Publicity stunts
• Dress the part
• Needs and wants
• Leaving your client hungry
• Environmental sensitivity
• Growing your business
• Organizations and associations
• Music
• Being self sufficient
• Your phone voice

Part 4 finishes off strong with some of the most crucial information about getting your name out there, and how to build a following. Learn these vital secrets now!

Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Can you please upload all materials for this lecture (there should be almost 18 hours of interviews and advices from famous magicians). Here is only lecture in Hollywood. Information of amount of hours I took from official page on ellusionist site. Thx in advance.

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  3. can you please reupload with all parts ? also upload steve cohen’s book please 🙂

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