SCAANDAL by Adrian Vega (only Premium)

You may think you’ve seen A Card At Any Number before, but you’ve never seen it like this. From the creative mind of Adrian Vega, comes A Card At Any Number so good, it’s got to be criminal. This is SCAANDAL.

Your spectator names any number, and THEY deal down to that number. Not only does their card match a prediction sitting in plain view the entire time, but when you spread the entire deck, every card except their selection is completely blank!

The power of this brilliant effect is that unlike other decks of this type, the spectator freely handles the cards! There is only one prediction ever in play, and the selection is never added or switched out. This unique deck starts off ordinary, and becomes special only after the spectator does the hard work for you!

– Super easy effect to perform
– Nothing ever palmed, hands are completely clean the entire time
– The spectator freely handles the deck and knows it consists of 52 cards
– Only one prediction made
– Can be done as an Open Prediction or in any other creative way you want – social media, tattoos, etc.
– Spectator does the hard work for you
– Comes ready to perform out of the box

It’s A Card At Any Number, with a kicker ending that your spectators will never see coming. Welcome to SCAANDAL.

SCAANDAL by Adrian Vega (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. OMG I love you!!!!!!!!
    U are definitely the best website. Keep up the awesome work bro.
    Try getting the Adrian Vega Penguin live and unshuffle kicker

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