Sam Fitton – WEDDING MASTERCLASS (ALL 36 Videos)

Wedding Masterclass - Sam Fitton | Magician & Speaker

Based on Sam’s best selling book
‘The Golden Rules of Wedding Magic’


After releasing the Golden Rules of Wedding Magic back in 2018 I have been overwhelmed by the reponse from the magic and wedding community. It’s gone on to be sold all over the world from Israel, France, USA, Belgium & even Australia so I thought it was time to take it up a notch… I’m really excited to share with you my Wedding Masterclass!


After your purchase is complete you’ll be emailed a link to the Masterclass and a unique password to access all of the content which you can access 24/7.*



This isn’t your usual 8-12 video Masterclass! I’m talking 35 videos ranging from 2 minutes to 15 minutes in length which each cover a unique topic.



Sit back and enjoy this streaming content on your mobile, iPad, TV or laptop computer. You can watch all in one go or at your leisure with easy to follow chapters.



Gathering your feedback, thoughts and questions I delve deeper into the most talked about bits of my book and explain first hand how I use and implement them in my business with real stories, applications and examples. On top of that I cover some new ideas that I’ll be sharing for the first time that I’ve been using with great success.

This Masterclass if for people who want to improve their business using tried and tested tips, tricks and techniques. There’s no fluff, no ‘dream it, be it, think it’ nonsense… This is real world practical advice that I use in my own business.


Rule 1

Your Brand & the Honest Truth


Selling the Sizzle

Story Telling

Your fee, delivery & charging more!


Contact Forms


Wedding Fairs

Sizing up a couple

Email Subject

Follow up Emails

‘Get the booking’ Email


Booking Confirmation

On the Day

Power of Recommendation

Getting Photo’s / Videos

Making great Photos

Never lose a booking

Building & Keeping your reputation


Gig / Life Balance

Going full time

That ‘Phone Trick’ (which is worth the price of this Masterclass alone!)

Social Media


Wedding Awards

The Wedding Industry

Positivity Rules

Your Magic

Reacting to magic

…& more!

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