Rocco Silano – Basics of Sleeving (2 DVD)

The Basics of Sleeving Volume Two - Rocco Silano - MagicFlix

This comprehensive series on “Sleeving” techniques is taught by a master who has elevated the art form. It covers everything from clothing requirements to detailed instructions on sleeving basic shapes. Rocco uses extreme close-ups and slow motion to guide you through simple routines and drills to perfect your technique. Volume 1 takes you to the intermediate level and is essential for anyone wanting to understand sleeving or expand their magic library.

Volume 2 advances you to the advanced level, studying Rocco’s F.I.S.M. Award winning act. Using a clear jacket designed by Hal Meyers, you’ll learn the planning and logistics of how props flow

through the act, from stealing to loading, revealing, reloading and discarding.

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