Richard Turner LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Richard Turner is the greatest card mechanic of all time!” – Muhammad Ali

“Having seen countless numbers of card experts execute for over eighty years, I consider Richard Turner to be by far the most skillful. He performs the most Difficult moves with the greatest ease. I doubt if anyone can equal him.” “He does things with cards that no one else in the world can do—-no one. I don’t care if you

go to China, France or Germany, he does things that no one else can do and he performs them beautifully.” – Dai Vernon

“I’ll never play cards with you!” – Bob Hope

“Men like Richard Turner are as much feared as they are respected.” – Jack Palance

“It is the most astounding act of sheer skill ever witnessed” – Milt Larsen

“A world class cardman and technician supreme, Richard Turner is the Real deal! As one of the finest card technicians on the planet, Richard advances the science of card manipulation to heights never dreamed of!” – Steve Forte

“Technicians as a rule are not usually good actors or entertainers… Richard turner is all three.” – Ed Marlo

“Your deals rank with the best I have seen… and I have seen many.” – Herb Zarrow

“Richard’s transcendent card handling artistry should be framed and displayed” – Paul Harris

“The finest exponent of gambling sleight of hand that I have ever seen.” – Larry Jennings

What will he teach?

Royal Hold’em Trick – This is a great opener that will cause the prettiest lady to want to take you and run off to Vegas. A deck is shuffled by performer. Five random numbers are selected by the spectators and the performer counts off the number of cards into five separate piles. On the top pile is a full house aces over kings and on the bottom is a straight flush in hearts. The cards are washed and gathered together in a very hap hazard manner and casino shuffled. The performer asks the prettiest lady to use her female intuition to pick the winning position. The performer deals out 5 hands of Hold’em and there is 5 pat hands starting with a “flush, full house, 4 of a kind, a straight flush, and in the chosen position is a “Royal Flush in spades.”

Double Switch – Two cards are selected and shuffled back into the deck. The first card is shown very haphazardly and naturally definitely not a double then turned down and spectator two places their finger on it. The second card is displayed again definitely not a double turned facedown and one-handedly flicked to spectator one. So right now spectator two is holding spectator one’s card and spectator one has the wrong card. The cards are revealed and they are correct. (NO DOUBLE LIFTS)

Middle Deal Mod– Spectator one shuffles the deck then deals three hands of five card draw. The spectator is instructed to deal all the performer’s cards from anywhere in the middle and at the showdown the performer is holding four-of-a-kind.

Who is he?

Gaming experts and gamblers know and respect Richard Turner as a master Card Mechanic—Manipulator, who could take down any old-west casino or wipe out any high-stakes gambler. Richard’s unparalleled skill with a deck of cards has stirred and staggered audiences throughout the world. Featured on dozens of worldwide TV specials, documentaries, magazine cover stories, profiled in hard cover publications, News Paper features, TV commercials, ranging from National China TV special 2014, CBS This Morning 2014, the topic on “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer 2012, the Harper Collins 2012 release of Fooling Houdini, he bamboozled Brad Pitt with his co-star Sean Pinn in the Oscar nominated film, “Tree of Life 2011”, the 2012 documentary , “The Magic Life,” “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, “World Geniuses” in Japan, to “That’s Incredible,” way back in 1982.

Presently, in postproduction is a feature documentary film on the life of Richard Turner with the working title “DEALT” to be released 2017.

Many publications have profiled his exploits, including The Huffington Post, Home Page of, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Times Herald, the Orlando Sentinel, the cover story of Genii Magazine and in an issue of D. C. comic ‘”The Spirit” Richard is named as the Spirit’s mentor.

He has entranced national celebrities such as Bob Odenkirk, Dan Castellaneta, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Actor Brad Pitt, Space Traveler Richard Garriott, and legends like, Muhammad Ali, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Stewart and Bob Hope.

The recipient of many accolades and honors, Richard was the winner of the Academy award as Close-Up Magician of the year 2015 from the AMA, Riplies’s Believe it or Not 2015 publication of “Eye Popping Oddities,” has received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, Rotary Leadership Award, Honorary Commander in the US Air Force, and Honorary Naval Flight Officer, the Golden Lion Award (awarded by Siegfried and Roy), and was inducted into The Magic Castle’s Hall of Fame. He is also listed in Believe the Unbelievable Book of World Records for his amazing “Eight-Coin Roll.”

When he is not entertaining and educating, he actively practices the martial arts. He is currently a Master, holding a sixth-degree black belt in karate. His black belt test, ten rounds of three minutes each, was so grueling it was televised and appeared on the front page of the sports section of the Los Angeles Times.

If you’ve never been to a magic lecture, there’’s never been a better time. Sunday, September 18th, at 7:00pm, we’re streaming Richard Turner LIVE in a spectacular 2-hour online lecture. Watch and learn things you won’t find in any book or DVD.

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