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Secret Tools & Strategies by Richard Mark & Mark Salem : newdlmagicstore

The “Dyad of Mentalism” (as I refer to them by) released undoubtedly could be their most impressive work to date with “Secrets Tools & Strategies,” This Dyad includes two of the most highly respected individuals in the art, Marc Salem and Richard Marks . It’s completely different than anything they have previously published. Both Marc and Richard have performed for years yet it is their collaborative efforts that yield the most gold. Richard Mark spending years as a psychiatrist has a distinct advantage regards to how the human mind processes data.


Secrets Tools& Strategies is a unique yet brilliant project. This is not a booklet it’s a 172 page project that features so much practical working knowledge contained within. Technical, conceptual,

reference oriented, apparatus and springboard content are included. My mind was frequently racing with possible ways to achieve the objectives in the book, and I found it too as equally educational as it as inspirational.


I discovered a several methods or tools that I didn’t know existed. I’m not expert at mentalism but I think its fair to say I have read and seen hundreds of books on subject. This is a book you will pull off the shelf many times for reference not just a one time read. I know it sounds cliché but that doesn’t mean it’s not true – every mentalist should have this book in their library.


EXPERIENCE AMAZING Master Classes covering many of the essential tools of mentalism. These are offered by an extraordinary showman and an award -winning creator of mentalism. All are based on over a century of combined experience. It is a graduate course in the performance of Entertaining Mentalism. Included in this detailed work are closely guarded secret strategies that you will use and will add valuable knowledge to your current and future performances.

Also included are:


An in -depth examination of 55 standard mentalism tools and variations for you to use and obtain maximum impact.

60 audience tested presentations offering a variety of plots and stories that will capture and hold the attention of your audiences.

Entire original acts and successful performances for you to apply.

Discoveries that will improve your ability to create your own methods and presentations.

Bonus instructions that will enable you to construct original and unique tools for your own use.

This could be the most powerful project this Mentalism Dyad of Salem and Marks have produced, and one thing is for sure they will have their work cut out for them trying to surpass it in the future.

171 pages of content – two appendixes and a complimentary resource guide.

Additional illustrations by Dr. Stanley Jaks and Burling HullThis book gets 5 Stars – because it shines in every aspect and delivers powerful practical content that you will use in addition to being professionally laid out and details

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