The Rice Papers by Homer Liwag

“I like that kind of magic, where almost everything you touch, something magical happens.” — Homer Liwag

Homer presents three of his favorite original creations on one DVD. Complete with clear performances, concise face to face teaching, and

carefully directed camera work for an unparalleled learning experience.

A giant contact lens materializes at your fingertips – followed by a pair of eye glasses from nowhere. A selected playing card slowly appears on a blank card. A marker is extracted from its own cap, a ball bearing drops from the tip, and the marker transforms into your cell phone!

Magic that can happen with any object at any time. Every prop needed to perform these tricks can be easily made / found. Complete with easy to watch performances, clear face to face teaching, and carefully directed camera work and lighting for an unparalleled learning experience.

In ancient rome, strong children were selected and raised to be warriors. From an early age they trained relentlessly until victory was in their blood.

Homer Liwag is that… for magicians 😉

Recruited by Team Copperfield in his TEENS, Homer has been creating magic FULL-TIME for most of his LIFE.

And for the last 20 years, Homer has been perfecting 3 signature routines. Today, we are proud to offer “The Rice Papers” to you on DVD at Penguin.

Now, normally a “magic consultant” is someone who creates magic full-time. This term is kicked around by a lot of guys who do it for a year or two. But Homer is more like a “Magic Consultant Gladiator.” The man has literally been creating magic full-time (as part of the MOST SUCCESSFUL magic act in HISTORY), for longer than many magicians have been ALIVE. And what you’re about to see are 3 of his favorite tricks:

My favorite Homer quote is: “I like that kind of magic.. where almost everything you touch, something magical happens.” It resonates so well with me, and rings so true in this beautiful collection of magic.

PROFESSIONALS: If you ever wondered what “underground” magic really meant, this is it. Someone who actually, really, truly didn’t want to be known (by choice!) until recently. With killer chops, and an independent compass leading him to what magic is, Homer Liwag is the real deal. The tricks on here are real-world workers. They offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to suit your particular environments, and Homer includes tons of tips on how he’s varied them up over the years. Not to mention the WIDE array of versatile sleight of hand he teaches. If you have any questions about whether Rice Papers would be right for your crowd, email us at and get a fast response from a fellow pro.


Acar Altinsel
born to perform.

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PPS: My Homer Liwag story: It was 1992 and I was about 12, seated at the Fox Theater in Detroit, in the audience of my first David Copperfield show when I first heard the name “Homer” uttered. A man had been sitting one seat in front of me since the beginning of the show when he got called up by David Copperfield to help with an illusion. Normally I wouldn’t remember, but the name “Homer” stood out in my mind.

It took 15 MORE years before I learned the truth of who this mysterious stranger was. Turns out Homer Liwag has been on the David Copperfield creative team since I was a kid. I was sitting 2 feet away during the show and had no idea how close I had come to meeting the man behind the man.

The Rice Papers by Homer Liwag
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