REPLICATE by Chris Rawlins (only Premium)

“This is my every-day drawing duplication, which is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE premise in mentalism. Once you learn the secret, you’ll never want to leave house without it.” –Chris Rawlins

Drawing duplication is a staple in mentalism acts around the world. It’s powerful, easy to describe to audiences, and doesn’t require much talking. And because of all that, there have been many expensive devices invented to help you duplicate drawings.

REPLICATE is a game-changer.

REPLICATE is Chris Rawlins’s signature mind-reading effect, and it uses NO expensive gimmicks. In fact, it barely use a gimmick at all. And today he’s teaching it for the first time.

REPLICATE lets you use ordinary ungimmicked props, and teaches you a bullet-proof routine you’ll be performing for the rest of your life.

REPLICATE uses ordinary pens, envelopes and paper, so anywhere you go, you’re ready to create an unforgettable mind-reading experience.

REPLICATE is a detailed instructional video that teaches you how to achieve professional results from the creator who has performed it hundreds of times.

REPLICATE by Chris Rawlins (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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