Reflections by John Carey

Reflections by John Carey - Hardback Book —

The latest, incredible book from John Carey, a 196 page collection of amazing, doable miracles covering cards, coins, mentalism and mental-magic, is now available.

Reflections is jammed full of exciting magic that’s easy to learn, easy to do, and that you will love performing almost as much as your audiences will enjoy experiencing it – Reflections contains more than 80 different effects. John is known for his straightforward hard-hitting material and enclosed in the pages of this book are some of his best effects yet.

The book also includes an exclusive section of guest items by John’s friends, including incredible effects by:

  • Cameron Francis
  • Michael Rubinstein
  • Daniel Chard
  • Gene Gordon
  • George McBride
  • Steve Friedberg
  • Phedon Bilek
  • Peter Nardi
  • Jason Dean
  • Michael Kaminskas
  • Josh Zandman
  • Myles Thornton

An incredible line-up lending incendiary effects.

Also included as a special bonus is a 35+ minute downloadable video chapter, Homage to Vernon, which details John’s work on taming Dai Vernon’s notorious Trick that Can’t Be Explained – if you’ve ever wanted to learn and perform this miracle, this will inspire you!


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