Rebel Mentalism – Learn How To Read Minds & Hypnotize Anybody (The Complete Package) (ALL 7 Volume)

Rebel Mentalism – Learn How To Read Minds & Hypnotize Anybody Digital  download) | Shopee Malaysia

The Complete Package comes with the two core Rebel Mentalism training guides + all the bonus training material included in the Mastery Skills and Mastery Tricks series.

Perfect for serious mentalists who want to get the most out of their training, and more advanced mentalism skills and tricks.

Here’s what’s inside:

1. Rebel Mentalism: Mind Reading

2. Rebel Mentalism: Hypnosis Techniques
3. Mastery Skills: CIA & FBI Interrogation Skills Training
4. Mastery Skills: Spot Lies Like An FBI Agent
5. Mastery Skills: How To Influence People’s Decisions With Mentalism
6. Mastery Tricks: Correctly Guess The Card A Spectator Is Thinking Of
7. Mastery Tricks: How To Predict The Winning Lottery Numbers


  1. Please upload starmap by Lewis leval and the 1914..

  2. “GPS 2.0” by Chris Funk

  3. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you won”t stop the flow of such magical material!

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