Ramsetu by Mayank Chaubey (Re Upload)

Impossibly Balance 3 Cards Right in Front of Their Eyes!

Imagine taking 3 cards out of the deck and balancing them impossibly – one on top of the other – making an extended row of cards that simply defies gravity! From the creative mind of Mayank Chaubey, Ramsetu allows you to balance cards without the aid of magnets, glue, wires, or string. What’s even better is that it is exceptionally easy to perform, and can be done fully surrounded!

Perfect for a variety of venues (even outside!) Ramsetu is a breathtaking mind-boggler that will leave your audiences scratching their heads. Join Alex Pandrea in the studio as he shows you multiple methods for achieving the balancing act, as well as bonus tips to bring the illusion to life and even allow your spectator to balance cards!

-Easy to Do
-Perform Surrounded
-Multiple Methods Taught
-No Magnets, Glue, or Wires
-Bonus Ideas Included


  1. Is it possible to re-upload Ramsetu by Mayank Chaubey?

  2. Abhirup Chakraborty

    Plz reupload Ramsetu. I really need this…

  3. please reupload ramsetu !!

  4. Plz reupload Ramsetu

  5. This links are no longer working

  6. dead link still

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