Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman presented by Erik Tait

Fast, visual, easy to do. Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman has been an introduction to sleight of hand for thousands of magicians. Now it’s back with update handlings and new sleights. This isn’t just a flashy little trick. It’s a crash course for anyone who wants to start their journey into sleight of hand with a deck of cards. This is Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman.

The effect is simple. A playing card is selected by the audience. It is clearly, and fairly, returned to the center of the deck. Then, in an instant, the selected card is reproduced as if from nowhere.

In this download you will learn the original handling created by Oz Pearlman. You also receive additional instruction from Erik Tait. The fresh tutorial includes new sleights, new flourishes, and

new productions that are rewarding to learn, and will show your audience that you are one smooth operator with a pack of cards. When you don’t have time for a long routine, but you still want to put someone’s jaw on the floor, hit them with Quick Trick by Oz Pearlman.

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