Quality Magic by Okito

This is my first book on Magic, and it will probably be my last, because its contents are the result of my life’s work.

All the sleights and tricks explained in this book have been worked by me; therefore I know they are practical. One often hears of tricks which seem to be very good theoretically, but which turn out to be anything but good when one tests them by a private rehearsal.

  • Foreword

  • The Bambergs
  • Sleights
    • Thimble Sleights
    • Coin Sleights
    • Billiard Ball Sleights
    • Playing Card Sleights
    • Cigar Manipulation
  • Card Tricks
    • Okito’s Card Mystery
    • The Envelope Mystery
    • Okito’s Thought Reading Cards
  • Small Effects
    • The Hindoo Talisman
    • The Lemon And Bank Note
    • “Vanishing” Cloths
  • Coin Tricks
    • The Flying Coins
    • The Improved Coin Ladder
  • Big Effects
    • The Sympathetic Colours
    • The Bewitched Blocks
    • The Japanese Glass Shades
    • The Mysterious Casket
    • The Bowls Of “Gobi”
    • Okito’s New Handkerchief Tray
    • The Siamese Cylinders
    • The Enchanted Rice
    • Multum In Parvo

1st edition ~1921. PDF 62 pages.
word count: 17389 which is equivalent to 69 standard pages of text

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