PURE2 – ACAAN by Adrian Fowell

At its most basic, Pure2 is a completely hands-off ‘Card at Predicted Number’ effect. That is to say, the spectator names any card, you show a prediction of a number that has been in full view throughout, they remove the cards from the case, deal to the number, and the card they named is there. You’ve touched nothing.

But it’s so much more than that. The method employed allows you to do a fully-fledged, completely hands-off ACAAN, that will be successful the vast majority of the time (the predicted number fixes the misses):

They name a card and a number to go with it.

They remove the cards from the case and deal to their number.

Their named card is staring them in the face!


· Self-working
· Any card can be named
· You never touch the cards in any way at any time
· Spectator always removes and deals the cards and they’re always dealt face up
· No math of any kind
· No pre-show or confederates
· Minimal arts and crafts

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