PRISM by Joshua Jay

“The Prism Deck is a Rainbow Deck, and thus it is a tool that can be used in a million different ways. We include several color-changing deck routines as a SUGGESTION for how to use it. I’d like to think the routine I use is one of the better routines out there. ALL the color-changing deck routines I supply can be performed with ANY deck you wish to use. The Aces in a Phoenix deck are larger than other brands, so if you want to use another brand, simply use the Kings.

As an added feature, many of the cards that comprise the Prism deck do hidden things: they’re marked, they can be used in other tricks, etc. These, too, can be used with any deck, except

perhaps for the old lipstick on the back of a playing card, which requires a Phoenix deck.” -Joshua Jay

“A versatile concept and a professionally produced tool”�Pit Hartling

“Stunning, practical, logical and astonishing!” �Wayne Houchin

“Joshua Jay’s Prism has plenty of ideas you will like and use.” �Roberto Giobbi

You receive the PRISM deck (designed by Andi Gladwin); a pack of cards in which every card has different artwork, and a DVD featuring Joshua Jay’s PRISM routine.

You can perform a complete act with this deck…culminating in the color-change finale. The EXQUISITE artwork and careful detail on every card in this deck makes this the finest rainbow deck ever produced. If you do color-changing deck or have ever wanted to, The PRISM Deck should be in your collection.

The most interesting part: the backs are marked! This sounds silly for a rainbow deck, but everybody who knows Joshua will think twice. Pure genius!

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