PredicTABLE by Chris Rawlins

PredicTABLE by Chris Rawlins – Alakazam Magic

I believe that Out of This World is the greatest card effect that we can perform. This is my version of it. PredicTABLE is a unique twist on a plot we all perform. It encourages connections with your audience, it starts conversations and it openly reveals things about your audience that you would otherwise never know.

Framed as an after dinner card game that encourages conversation, the specially designed deck contains hidden secrets that aid your seamless performance of this truly unique prediction.

PredicTABLE is ready for performance right out the box.

If you want to stand out with truly unique Magic that people will remember, this is your dream come true.

Designed from scratch by a professional designer. Produced to the highest quality; the cards handle like a dream. Three handlings are expertly taught in studio alongside additional ideas and subtle secrets.

Also included is a surprise bonus effect which that utilises one aspect of the specially produced deck to create the illusion of direct Mind Reading.

“This is the best presentation for OOTW I’ve ever seen. I will absolutely perform this! ”
– Colin Mcleod

“A clever and cunning way to give your cards and the red/black paradigm a rest.”
– Gregory Wilson

“My first professional card routine was Out Of This World, the original Paul Curry version. I made a reputation with this one trick! That was decades ago. Times have changed. Chris Rawlins has reinvented this classic with a sparkling, new version that breathes new life into this time tested plot. It’s no longer a card trick about red and black. It’s about life decisions people make everyday. Superior plot and framing combined with an immersive, diabolical presentation. It’s rare for me to add a new show level routine to my repertoire but PredicTABLE is now permanently in my travel case. Highly recommended!”
– Bob Kohler

“Chris, you have knocked it out of the park with this. It is THE perfect combination of premise and effect. Highest recommendation.”
– Mark Elsdon

“A fresh and very clever take on a classic. Fun to perform and no one will see the amazing result coming! “
– John Bannon

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