Pocket Pal by Reese Goodley (only Premium)

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A twenty plus minute act small enough to carry in your pocket. Pocket Pal enables you (on the fly) to be able to perform –

Pin code divinations
Drawing duplications
Symbolic readings
4th dimension telepathy
Sneak thief
Playing card divinations
Number divinations
Impromptu Book tests (using borrowed books)

When utilising Pocket Pal you’re only limited by your imagination and after just holding Pocket Pal for a few moments your head will be buzzing with ideas.

Pocket Pal can be used as a forcing, peeking, switching and impression device – It for the most part does all the work for you. It’s a workers dream (in size and practicality).

The download contains detailed instructions on what you need to prepare this little beauty (you will likely have everything you need at home) for less than 4 pound (5 dollars) you’ll be able to create your own “Pocket Pal” in around 5 minutes and once created you’ll instantly be able to perform clean miracles with no practice required (though practice is of course encouraged).

Peter Turner sits in on this download to ask questions, add insights and is even taught how to use the pad and adds a guest performance or two!

This is the first in a series of ideas that will be shared by Reese Goodley and certainly sets the bench mark of things to come.

Pocket Pal by Reese Goodley (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


  1. Can you upload false messiah by fraser parker

  2. i guess theres material missing from this. example: the switch only has exp 3 – the peak. please upload full content

  3. Can you please upload seamless by glenn west?
    It looks soooo good!

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