Pipo Villanueva – PIPO’s ACES

PIPO's ACES - Pipo Villanueva

Pipo’s Aces is is my take on the Ace Assembly plot (that’s why it bears my name!), more precisely on the Slow-Motion Aces plot by Dai Vernon. It is a pet routine of mine that I’ve been using, and I still use, as the closer of my formal close up magic show. I truly believe is one of the most powerful and memorable effects I do. Check out the uncut and unedited performance of the effect.

Now you can study thoroughly and dive into it with the complete course I carefully put together. Total running time is 75 minutes in 17 chapters.

If you are interested please read below to see what exactly you receive if you buy this product


The four aces are signed on the face and on the back. Twelve indifferent cards are dealt on 4 piles on the table, three cards each. A signed ace is placed in each pile. The one with the ace of spades, the leader ace, is wrapped with a rubber band. One by one the aces magically travel to join the aces of spades, under the strictest conditions and most severe scrutiny, transposing with the indifferent cards. The last one arriving in the spectator’s hands, where the packet wrapped with the rubber band only contains the 4 aces

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