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Book is in ‘as new’ condition, completely fresh.
Here is the ad blurb from Peter Turner for this, the “Deluxe edition” of his latest book “When in Rome”:
“There will only ever be 200 copies of this edition ever released, anyone that knows me, knows when I say there will only be 200 released they know I mean it. There will never be a second run of the “Deluxe edition” and once they are gone, they are gone.
So what makes this book different to the regular edition of the notes? You will find extra effects, several added principles and more in-depth essays (things that are very, very devious) all neatly presented in a hardback book. The regular edition (not for release yet) will be paper back and not contain the additions. 

What kind of effects will you find inside the “Deluxe edition”?
Get a spectator to be able to guess your pin code any place, anytime. You write your pin code down, the paper is handed to the participant and they call out what they believe it to be the paper is opened and it matches. This can be done over the phone, over Skype. You can divine a participant’s phone lock, no fishing, no questioning and totally impromptu. A personal question and answers routine in which you divine the participants star sign and then go on to answer the question in a very unique fashion. Teach a group of witnesses 
to divine a random participant’s star sign (a Star sign that you do not know) based on you reading the participant to the group. A second variation of the aforementioned effect in which you could use names, places… In-fact any piece of information. Learn to psychologically force objects, places, (a huge host of different things) and all in a theatrical interesting way where you and the participant literally say nothing out loud at all. More effects and a host of principles and essays all written in detail for you to enjoy.
I must say that I have talked to a lot of people that have witnessed the Pin Divination in person, and they all agree that it is a thing of absolute beauty, people like Luca Volpe, Michael Murray, Atlas Brookings, etc, etc, they all agree that just for this one effect the price of the notes are worth it, just for this one effect, let alone, you get a lot more effects never before published, plus you get to go inside PTs mind and see how he thinks about some of his effects via his essays in the notes. ”
The Deluxe edition was available for pre order now for 150 GBP, and is now completely sold out – here’s your chance to get a copy, as new.
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