Perplexions by The 1914 and Adam Dadswell

Magic Review - Perplexions by Adam Dadswell - YouTube

A potent blend of hard-hitting, yet surprisingly easy to do, mentalism with playing cards.

Whether you’re a mentalist, or a magician looking to inject a bit of mental flare into your act, “Perplexions” by Adam Dadswell and The 1914 is the perfect download for you. Combining mentalism techniques with simple sleight of hand and magic methods, Adam has created card tricks with a mentalism flavor that will leave your audiences stunned.

The best part? They’re all quite easy to learn. In total you get more than 2 hours of video filled with practical, commercial card magic. Everything is clearly organized into separate sections to make

learning (and revisiting the material) easier than ever.

Download “Perplexions” by Adam Dadswell today to start exploring the true potential of mental card magic.

Missing Piece
A fun and inquisitive impromptu effect that’s easy to do. Your participant finds the missing piece to a conceptual jigsaw puzzle before they even know there is a puzzle to solve.

Mental Trio
A hands-off, super-fair effect in which you can reveal multiple selections. Three different helpers choose any card from a pile of cards in their own hands. They return the piles to you in any order and, yet, you still know each selection. It takes just about 10 seconds to setup this near-impromptu miracle in a borrowed deck.

Information Void
A captivating mentalism approach to the Mysery Card plot based on the psychological “Filling In” phenomenon. After removing an unknown mystery card and placing it in your pocket, you flash the faces of the incomplete deck in front of the helper. Somehow, their subconscious is able to “fill in” the missing information, allowing them to name the card in your pocket. This memorable presentation will leave them questioning everything they thought they knew.

Imagination Game
Your helper channels the deepest reaches of their imagination to seemingly alter reality in this take on the classic Brainwave effect that uses a normal deck of cards. Their selected card not only turns over in the deck, but it even changes color in this simple and direct miracle. Everything is left 100% examinable and resets instantly.

Connection Test
Do-As-I-Do was already a strong effect but, with this mentalism twist, it reaches a new level. This is quite possibly one of the most impactful routines you can do with a deck of cards. It has been Adam’s closer for years. You give your helper half the deck and instruct them to mirror your actions. Despite the fact they handle the cards themselves, they experience five impossible, unexplainable moments of synchronicity.

You will also be granted access to two puzzling bonus effects, including a mental Ambitious Card style routine, as well as a valuable module dedicated to performance-enhancing utility moves. You’ll love the simple-yet-effective card control and the immensely deceptive false shuffle where they’ll swear the cards were being thoroughly mixed!

The secrets to totally unique, reputation-making card magic are just one click away. So, grab a deck of cards and download “Perplexions” by Adam Dadswell now!


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  2. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!

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