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In this manuscript, you will some of Perna’s favorite playing card material which they use in their everyday repertoire and they can now be yours.

In this manuscript, you will find:

The Game of Charlatans: This is a propless thought of card effect where the participant builds up a poker hand in their head, thinks of a card from that hand, and the performer is able to reveal exactly what that card is. There will be two methods for you to know exactly what the card they are thinking of is.

Contra 3.0: This is a new handling of Perna’s thought of card effect, Contra. The participant shuffles the deck up, cuts it, deals the cards down and stop whenever they want to think of a card.

Buyers will also recieve the original PDF teaching the Contra method so that they are ready to get into this new handling of the effect.

Holden Deal Force: This is the cheekiest force that will put a smile on your face. The participant can shuffle a deck of cards, deal down the cards, and stop whenever they want and you are able to force exactly what card you want.

This is not a psychological force, the participant has a free choice to stop wherever they want.

If you want to have devious mental miracles with cards that will astound your audiences. Buy Knaviocity now!


  1. magic22 supporter

    thank you, admin! One request tho: The Pin Project By Luke Turner.

  2. Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!

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