Paul Voodini LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Paul Voodini is my kind of mind-reader, and his books are the kind of books I love to read. I feel Paul’s thinking elevates him into the Greats instantly.” – Luke Jermay

“I have one word for Paul’s work – brilliant! Paul and I think along very similar wavelengths, and maybe that is why I love his work so much.” – Neal Scryer

“It is my belief that Paul Voodini from the UK is the acting ring-leader and current champion of the new genre and generation of mentalism.” – Jerome Finley

What will he teach?

Magician’s Guide to Palm Reading – How to utilise quick, upbeat palm readings and integrate them into close-up magic and mentalism. This simple, easy to learn technique will elevate your magic and make you ‘more than just a magician’!
The Hand of Destiny – This self-working miracle is Paul’s signature piece, and was the centrepiece of his strolling mindreading set for many years. This routine will go straight into your repertoire!
The “No Magic” Magic Show – A collection of three self-working routines that demonstrate the magic of the mind without the need for any gimmicks, gaffs, or ‘moves’ on behalf of the performer. A wonderfully entertaining way to select a volunteer, but also a self-contained show in their own right.
Cold Reading – What is cold reading? Where does it come from? How can magicians and mentalists utilise this often misunderstood concept to make their magic more powerful? Paul explains all, and puts a few misconceptions to rest.
The Art of Finger Tip Reading – New and exclusive to this Penguin lecture, Paul will demonstrate and explain a totally new reading system, ideal for both a strolling/close-up environment or a parlour show. This system has nothing to do with the forensics of fingertips, but is an engaging and fascinating form of palm reading that can be used when light levels or the general atmosphere is not conducive to traditional palm reading.
Psychic Phenomena – Is it possible to provide tarot card readings from the stage? Yes it is, and this engaging, entertaining, and fun routine will demonstrate exactly how!
Past Life Regression – Paul demonstrates his super-powerful approach to past life regressions, and explains how to conduct them so that they are as fascinating and entertaining for the audience as they are for the participant. It is a much-used cliche, but this one routine really is as close as it’s possible to get to ‘real’ magic.

Who is he?

Paul Voodini worked for many years as a full-time mentalist in the UK, specializing in the areas of mind-reading, cold reading, and paranormal entertainment. He originally worked almost exclusively amongst ‘new age’ circles, and the information he gleaned for this environment he condensed into his books to pass on to the mentalist community. Paul was originally very much a shut eye himself, and learned to read palms and the tarot cards way back in the 1980’s, before deciding to use these talents for purely entertainment purposes.
After many years of working full time, Paul now devotes his time to writing, both on the subject of mentalism and in the fantasy/horror genre. Paul’s books on mentalism and mind-reading offer practical, down to earth advice, and all the routines and performance techniques covered in his work is derived directly from the real world. The knowledge and experience he gained from working in these areas is distilled into his books, making Paul’s books hugely valuable tools for the magician, mentalist, the mind-reader, and the bizarre performer.
One day Paul hopes to invent a time machine that will enable him to travel back in time and marry the Fox Sisters. (Google them!)

Paul Voodini LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
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