Paul Vigil LIVE ACT

“Paul Vigil is entertaining, charming, way funny and delightful- but we didn’t care about any of that, we just stared at his hands… and he still fooled the bullshit out of us!” -Penn & Teller

“Paul Vigil is soft-spoken and humble, but behind that compelling demeanor is a diabolical mind. He is one of the best magicians working today!” -Lance Burton

“If I had a gun to my head and had to do something completely 100% astonishing to save my life, I’d hire Paul to do it for me.” -Paul Harris

What will he teach?

Free Will of Order: Paul’s favorite impromptu opener courtesy of Jimmy Fingers

3-Card Monte: an updated handling of the classic con

Thou Shalt Not Steal: a lesson in larceny

The Mind-Melding Magician!: a classic… x3

The Phantom Returns: Torn… and restored

Our Kind of Gir(d)l(e): Paul’s methods and presentation for Fast & Loose

Who is he?

Some people call me a magician, others a mind reader, and a few perhaps some kind of
psychic. I can understand why people would want to say those things.

Paul Vigil is one of the most mesmerizing performers in the world. He has been
practicing and performing the art of magic since the age of five. Now’s your chance to
learn some of his secrets!

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