Paul Gordon’s Blockbusters With Cards (2 DVD)

Paul Gordon's Blockbusters With Cards 2-DVD Set - Discount Magic

Paul Gordon performs (LIVE in front of a layman audience) 28 of his very best card tricks that have never been filmed before. These are just 28 of his very best tricks from his best-selling books. Then watch and learn from Paul’s very clear explanations. In total, 3 hours of killer card magic you will do & use! The reviews (so far) all over the web have been raves. Get your set NOW! NONE of this material is duplicated on his other best-selling 3-DVD set, Card Startlers. Contents here See “product reviews” page for a great review in The Linking Ring by Paul Lelekis.

NOTE: In PAL format (for the UK), but should play on all modern players (outside of the UK). We’ve never had issues with this before, but check your manual before ordering. If the discs won’t

play on your DVD player, they will play on your computer.

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