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“It is rare to see a magician who can entertain an audience that much with just a deck of cards. But Paul Gordon is one of them! His shows are as funny as the magic he performs is strong. Paul perfectly knows what the spectators enjoy and deliver it to them with great humour and killer effects.”– Boris Wild

“Paul Gordon held some fifty people enthralled as he demonstrated some items from his books. In situations like this, his command is phenomenal. With his showmanship and personality power he makes card tricks entertaining and meaningful…he has them hanging onto his every word – not just for a few minutes but for an hour or so! Paul has all the attack of a Ken Brooke or a Rovi! Watch Paul Gordon [perform] on his “Gold Dust” DVD to see what proper card magic looks like and the response it gets.” – Walt Lees

“We think Gold Dust is a great book. It’s enormous and beautiful. It contains lots of clever strong card magic. Extremely worthwhile!” – Vanishing Inc (Joshua Jay & Andi Gladwin)

“Paul Gordon is the creator of practical, entertaining magic for close-up. Viewing his creative and unique approaches will open new doors for thought and will help you be a better magician.” – Aldo Colombini

“Your Corner of Piccadilly is wonderful. You are a great performer, my friend! Paul Gordon is one fine performer! His style is a lot like mine when I’m performing behind the bar. His effects are straight to the point. Short and sweet with his personality overshinning and guiding you through his magic.” – J.C. Wagner

“Corner of Piccadilly is a very strong monte routine that uses un-gaffed cards. Its kicker is truly astounding, and all can be examined. If ever there was a “worker,” this is it.” – David Regal

What will he teach?

World’s Best Card Trick – A chosen card is incorrectly located and magically rectified.

ACR – Usual effect with the PG touch.

Diminishing Not Likely – A chosen card is located and changes into the 4 Aces.

Twister – Four Kings change to Aces…with a twist.

Hellman’s Aces – Magical production of the 4 Aces.

Corner of Piccadilly – A monte effect with a kicker ending.

Killer OMG – Twisting the Aces with TWO surprises.

Head to Head Poker – Simply that the spec simply can’t win.

Totally Baffling Card Control – A magical way of proving the deck is/isn’t marked.

Killer Mystery Card – Two effects in one, a mystery card effect with a kicker.

Easy Ace Estimation – Cutting the Aces.

Powerhouse – Four of a kind production from shuffled deck.

The Ultimate Sting – 8 Ace of Spades change to Royal Flush…and more!

Twin Peeks – Two decks and mind-reading killer.

Carbon Footprints – A magical prediction for genuinely shuffled cards.

That’s Odd – Jumbo card prediction.

Mars Life – Four Aces surprise appearance.

Knock Em Dead – Lie detector test.

Shocked Aces – Two selections are located by the four Aces.

Tenkai Sandwich – Deck is shuffled face-up and face-down and magically corrected…with a selection.

Stud – A unique spelling effect.

…Plus, the possibility of a few extra bonus effects if time permits.

Who is he?

Paul Gordon is noted as one of the best entertainers (with cards) in the business. As an entertainer/magician, he performs on a regular basis all over the world. Among other magicians, Paul Gordon is known for his books on card magic and memoirs of other magicians (Edward G. Brown, Percy Naldrett and Victor Farelli).

Aside from publishing and performing, he lectures to other magicians on the art of sleight-of-hand ‘worker’ card magic. He also teaches actors and technicians for film, television and theatre. In 2004, his hands were on a television commercial on Showtime Arabia. And, Paul was on Channel 4 T.V in 2005 on a show about a bespoke family. Paul gave personal tuition for actor Mark Benton for his new television series Fallen Angel. 2010 saw Paul Gordon on Channel 4s “Morning” show and Paul closed 2011 by entertaining on Regent Cruises South Seas Mariner; the finest cruise line of all. Aside from his usual busy UK schedule, 2014, saw Paul lecturing all over Asia and the far East. In October 2014 Paul was interviewed by Latest TV (Channel 8) and 2015/6 sees Paul lecturing and performing worldwide as well as completing the Gold Dust Trilogy and Quidnunc.

Paul Gordon has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Stage and The Daily Mail.

Since 1979, he has contributed dozens of card tricks and routines to Genii, The Linking Ring, Magic, Apocalypse, Precursor, The Conjurer, Abacus, LaBal, The Budget, Abracadabra, The Magic Circular, and Onyx magazines and also to books by Ryan Matney, John Carey, Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini and Harry Lorayne’s Best Of Friends, Vol. 3.

Paul Gordon was awarded Associate of The Inner Magic Circle in 1994 where he has lectured a staggering five times. (He was the very first close-up lecturer in the then new headquarters in Stephenson Way in the 90’s.) He’s also a member of the “Secret Six.” It’s so secret, he doesn’t know who the other five are! 🙂

Paul Gordon used to provide personal magic tuition (he has tutored over 300 magicians since 1989) and is also in demand as a motivational speaker. His hobbies include big-band singing which he once did professionally alongside his work as a magician. In 2014, his best-of Gold Dust Trilogy of books went into their third printing having sold well over 2000 sets. In 2015, he recorded a 3 DVD box set with Alakazam (entitled Gold Dust Live) and undertook another lecture tour. His new (last?) blockbuster book, Quidnunc, was published in 2016.

Paul Gordon Penguin Live
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