Password Protected By Bryan Miles

Index cards regarding various passwords used by students in universities are handed to a volunteer. The volunteer thinks of one of the passwords and keeps all the index cards with their password on.
Nothing is written down. Your back is turned during this process.
You instruct them to visualize their secret password in their mind. Through what appears to be contact mind reading, you are able to steal the password from their mind!

This is a direct effect, with a simple method and strong premise. Ideal for any beginner or regular performer. Easily adaptable for other contexts and presentations.

Everything included: HD download + PDF with printable templates.
Filmed in HD and produced by DL Productions (South Africa)

“Simple, powerful, worth every penny. Highly recommended.”
– Jacques le Sueur (magician and pickpocket)

Password Protected By Bryan Miles
Download : Uploaded | Rapidgator | Megaupload

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  1. Happy new year admin for you and your family, please upload, Mental Die-Mensional By Sudo

  2. PDF with printable templates not included this link
    plz include psd files

  3. Happy new year to you and the team!! Can you post materials from Leo Boudreau too? Will download immediately!

    Leo Boudreau is a really good mind reader – his acts are the closest to mind reading, according to MagicCafe and other reviews

  4. This is useless without the PDF templates. Is it possible for it to be uploaded?

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