Paperwork by Scott Creasey and The 1914 (ALL 50 Video)


Elevate your billet skills from proficient to MASTER with Paperwork Volumes I and II.

Our previous, best-selling Billet Masterclass course transformed learners from “zero to hero”. Now, prepare for the quantum leap, because you’re about to be supercharged from “hero to SUPERHERO”!

Scott Creasey is a highly respected name in mentalism. He has a quiet demeanour and unassuming appearance. Yet beneath his introverted exterior lies a TREASURE TROVE of 30+ years

experience and knowledge.

Scott shows up to his performances carrying only a stack of billets and three marker pens. That’s all! His minimalistic approach to mentalism is as impressive as it is inspiring. He’s the

embodiment of less is more, and he’s going to transfer this philosophy and mindset to you.

This intermediate-to-advanced billet course is so detailed and comprehensive, we had to split it into two volumes!

Paperwork Volume I is dedicated to OPEN BILLETS; a plethora of reputation-making routines and theory using blank cards or business cards that are never folded.

Lessons include:



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Open Billet Psychology

Learn why open billets are so powerful (sometimes even more so than their folded billet counterparts).

The DPT Peek

Despite being locked in the centre of a stack of cards and secured using a rubber band, you will know exactly what your spectator has drawn or written! A devious, psychologically-invisible peek you’ll want to implement right away.

The Minimalist Peek

This cunning, impromptu deception is a 1914 exclusive. If you use business cards in your close-up performances, this will become a valuable weapon in your mentalism arsenal. A highly deceptive peek you’ll likely fool yourself with the first time you try it.

The Gaffed Minimalist Peek

Learn how to enhance the Minimalist Peek even further by using a gimmick you can easily make at home.

Name and Place

Telepathically receive the thoughts of two separate spectators. Scott combines the above methods to bring you his unique take on the classic Name and Place plot.

Structured Drawing Duplication

An engaging presentational approach to drawing duplications. Your participant will experience the sensation that you are truly inside their mind, perceiving their every thought (not just their drawing).


Scott will teach you not one, but two devious methods to achieve Bob Cassidy’s Fourth Dimensional Telepathy. Both variations require no more than seven billets, and there isn’t an envelope in sight.

Bookless Book Test

Your participant chooses an imaginary book, opens it to any page and concentrates on any imaginary word. Despite everything occurring in the participant’s mind, and nothing being written down, you are able to successfully reveal all three pieces of thought-of information.


Scott blends Q&A with psychometry to present his meticulously crafted Open Billet Q&A act, tailored for intimate groups of 10-20 participants. You will learn a unique framework for cold readings, based on the tarot, which allows you to squeeze so much from so little.

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Paperwork Volume II is dedicated to FOLDED BILLETS; small pieces of card folded into quarters to conceal their contents.

Lessons include:

Folded Billet Psychology

A folded billet comes with many psychological assumptions. Scott explores what these are, and how to take advantage of them in your performances to enhance believability.

The Pocket Stash

Scott refreshes an old, forgotten approach to pocket work with his modern-day pocket stash. Learn how to execute discreet manipulations within the confines of tight trouser pockets without the fumbles.

The Psychology of Switches

Scott explains how all billet switches fall into one of three categories: psychologically exposed, psychologically cloaked, or psychologically invisible. It’s not always the technique itself that classifies the switch, but where in the timeline of the performance it’s executed.

Workhorse Switch

Based on the Annemann Switch and popularised by Allen Zingg, this is the single-most executed billet move of Scott’s career. A must-master for any billet worker.

The Unfold Switch

Learn how to switch a billet at the precise moment you appear to open it. An extension of the Workhorse switch, Scott’s original choreography eliminates the unnatural unfolding of rival switches of this nature.

The Refold Switch

Learn how to switch a billet as you close it back to its previously folded state. This is one of the most psychologically invisible switches you can ever perform, and Scott explains why.

Switch Variations

Variations of the above switches, including a smart, safer alternative to burning unwanted billets in routines that traditionally require an open flame.

One to One Reading

An easy-to-perform reading with a single sitter with a single question in their mind. You are not only able to intuit the specifics of their personal inquiry, but leave them with a profound answer.

Cabaret Name and Place

Another Name and Place routine, but for cabaret. An excellent fusion of the pocket stash and switches to present an impossible demonstration of telepathy, with nothing suspicious remaining for your spectators to find.

Acidus Lots From Little

A one-handed execution of Acidus Novus combined with a very compelling routine which creates the illusion of four powerful hits instead of one.

Classic Three Billet Test

Three strangers, three birthdays and three billets. A totally impromptu routine of psychometry and tarot-inspired readings that culminates in an impossible birthday reveal.


Volume I saw Scott teach his Open Billet Q&A routine, but this time they’re folded. This adaptation is another reputation-enhancer that is both impressive and manageable; there are minimal sleights to execute and it requires zero memory work. Not only is it easy to do, it’s profoundly impactful. The perfect closer to a mammoth course.

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦

Join us to unlock the secrets that have made Scott Creasey a legend in minimalistic mentalism. Both volumes of Paperwork are a must-have for any mentalist serious about elevating their craft.

Secure access now and continue your journey to billet mastery today.


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