Overly Ambitious by Dan Harlan & Shaun Dunn (only Premium)

“Your repertoire will be increased by this EXCELLENT idea that will undoubtedly make a spectators experience more magical” –Dani DaOrtiz

“The most powerful moment in an illusion show for me is a transposition. When the magician or their assistant impossibly appears at the back of the room within an instant of vanishing from the stage. Shaun Dunn and Dan Harlin have created a

smooth and seamless method for giving your close up audiences that unbelievable experience. We all perform the ambitious card, it is exciting to see a brand new ending that is this strong.” –Paul Draper

“Overly ambitious is an unexpected and remarkable ending for the ambitious card routine. Is hard to imagine a stronger effect than a vanishing of a card in the spectator hands to reappear on top of the deck! I cannot wait to include it on my repertory. Shaun Dunn & Dan Harlan congratulations for this incredible idea!” –Manuel Llaser

“There are those rare moments in magic when a spectator feels in thier gut that the impossible has happened, Overly Ambitious is one of those moments!” –Joe Rindfleisch

“OVERLY AMBITIOUS is a super practical, in-the-hands killer climax for your ambitious card routine. I loved it!” –Anthony Owen

There is no better way to end your ambitious card routine. After several phases, you demonstrate your magical ability to control their selected card. Finally, you end by making their card disappear from THEIR HANDS, IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY CONFIRM THEY’RE HOLDING IT. After it disappears, it is found.. unbelievably.. ON TOP OF THE DECK.

This insane ending happens while you are FAR AWAY from the cards, they are holding the cards, and they do all of the work.

The Overly Ambitious method is brilliant and satisfying. The effect is easy to do and the vanish is so clean.

Overly Ambitious by Dan Harlan & Shaun Dunn (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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