Orbit On The Trick That Cannot Be Explained by Chris Brown

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dive deep into my approach to Dai Vernon’s “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained.” Since Vernon released this there have been those who have tried to duplicate this effect using gaffs and other methods to ensure that the trick can be delivered every single time without fail. The problem with these methods are that they involve zero skill and it steers away from how Vernon did it, completely 100% impromptu. The beauty behind this effect is, you

won’t master it overnight. You just simply can’t. Knowing the method is only the beginning. Putting it to practice is where you will learn and become better at this effect.

This is an effect that I have always considered to be the best card trick I have ever seen in my life. The reactions are always powerful and deep. If this effect were a boxer it would be Muhammad Ali. There have been those who discredited this effect for not being practical. For being unpredictable. For those who want something easy, that you can master in a day, this might not be for you. I will only post about this episode on social media for one day and never again. I have given out hundreds of free episodes from theClassroom. This will be my only one that will never be given out for free. To those who trust that I try my very best to undersell and over deliver, you won’t want to miss this episode if you’re serious about magic.

Effect: Deck is shuffled by spectator, deck is spread on a table, spectator’s finger is dropped at a random location, (the middle is different every time), they land at a card that was written in a prediction before the effect began.

Orbit On The Trick That Cannot Be Explained by Chris Brown
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