Opus by Fraser Parker (59 videos+PDF) (Full HD Quality) (Re Upload) (Upload Video 7)

Opus (Full video + PDF) by Fraser Parker (Strongly recommended)
Original Full version : more than 8 hours video + PDF 79 pages.
“Fraser Parker is one of the finest thinkers in contemporary mentalism. If you are interested in practical, impressive effects based on subtlety and often breathtaking ingenuity, you will love his work.” – Ian Rowland​
Limited to only 200 copies. Contains over 8 hours of video, including thoughts on prop-less as well as a two-part interview with Fraser.

Opus is a “master-class” from Fraser released in video format, detailing his unique approach towards creating believable mind reading. In this video project, he outlines his use of words to create shifts in perception, in order to create the impossible. This is the first time he has allowed such an eclectic mix of some of his more exclusive and harder to find work to be released in video format.

Opus will include never before seen methods from Fraser, as well as contain his latest thinking on some of his best material from his various different, ground-breaking limited works. As well as complete teaching and performances of each effect (except the living & dead for reasons expressed inside the project), Fraser will also include multiple uncut performances from the real world.

This is his largest project to date and will hopefully once and for all, silence the nay-sayers and prove that this material is practical and can be performed within actual sets of believable demonstrations of mind reading.

His latest name guess: THE LOST NAME OF GOD, exclusive to this project, will blow your mind with its simplicity and will no doubt be Fraser’s last word on this plot. There is no jumping through letters of the alphabet or convoluted process – just simple and direct prop-less mind reading.

NO language restrictions.


  • Lost Name of God
  • Living & Dead + Disclaimer Revelation
  • Sonder Star Sign
  • Sonder A.C.A.A.N
  • Yoke Playing Card Two Person Code
  • Two Person Name Guess
  • Two Person Pin Divination
  • Fool Who Persists in Folly Star Sign
  • Drawing Dupe
  • Inverse Drawing Dupe
  • Bold Drawing Dupe
  • Touching on Thoughts Utility
  • No Pocket, Pocket Writing
  • Which Hand?
  • Bold Peek
  • Dragon Peek
  • Gypsy Name Guess
  • Occlus Date of Birth
  • Easy Star Sign
  • Memoria Hybrid
  • King’s Force
  • Mental Snap Change

You will receive a PDF that includes links to Vimeo where you can view and download all 59 videos. Additionally all videos are also available in your digital shelf should the videos on Vimeo vanish for any reason.


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